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Vlad Voloshyn can assist in making your dreams come true.
Some of Vlad’s most detailed and delicate work included restoring and
rebuilding unique masterpieces from the halls of Windsor Castle and a
replica of the Whites House’s oval Presidential desk.

Creative master woodcarver, designer, cabinet-maker, and gilder, Vlad’s
work is not only his business, but it is his passion and expression.
Perfection, detail, and a touch of art can be found in Vlad’s intricate work.
With elaborate features, distinguished designs, and high quality service,
some of Vlad’s creations will strike you as more than magnificent.

Custom Woodworking

We will manufacture a piece of furniture, cabinets or other custom woodwork with high quality craftmanship to provide one of a kind product, will provide cost efficiency, and ensure client’s complete satisfaction with the final product.


We will provide unique design ideas for your projects and help make decisions. We will accommodate projects of different scales – no project is too small or too big for our team

Hand Woodcarving and Wood Finishing

We will implement a variety of styles and techniques that will best suit client’s desire for their project

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Custom Woodwork

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